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Firstly, to qualify for membership, you have to be either a farmer or airstrip owner. Those closely associated with farming like vets and land agents will also be considered for membership.

In order to apply, please fill in the application form which will appear when you click on the button below. Don’t forget, you will need a proposer and seconder, both of whom should be existing members. You will recieve an email back with a standing order form attached.

Your application will be put before the Committee. Processing should take no longer than about two weeks. If you have difficulty finding proposers, please email me: and I will advise who is in your area.

The annual subscription is £25 plus a £10 joining fee (by standing order). Your joining pack will include a a few recent newsletters and an FFA cap. The membership list is now online and unless you are desperate for a paper copy, we would prefer it if you could use the online version which is always up to date.

Subscription income is used for the benefit of the Members by such means as preparing and circulating to our members newsletters, membership lists, the website, hiring rooms for the AGM, etc., and a limited amount for the administration of the Association. 10% of subscriptions are donated to AOPA, GAAC, LAA and GACC to support general aviation. Airfield and aircraft insurance is available at competitive prices through Hayward Insurance.

Annual acounts are produced for Members and are circulated in advance of our Annual General Meeting.

The Objectives of the Association:

  1. To organise visits and meetings for our Members throughout the United Kingdom and abroad; these visits are made, whenever possible, by air.
  2. To disseminate information amongst our Members by means of periodical newsletters and this website.
  3. To provide a membership list and map for the benefit of our Members, the map showing the location of  Members’ airstrips. The list and map are confidential to members.
  4. To arrange a block Insurance Policy for the benefit of those Members who own their own airstrips. Details of this policy are available to members on request.
  5. To offer advice and other technical assistance to Members who wish to establish their own landing strips
  6. To ensure that our Members’ special interests as aircraft or airstrip owners or operators are safeguarded by being represented as an associate member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and by representation on the General Aviation Safety Council. The Association is also represented on the CAA’s General Aviation Consultative Committee, and on the independently run General Aviation Awareness Council.
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